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in rasmussen's daily tracking poll. and that candidate is governor mitt romney. he's ahead 50-46 percentage points over -- that's four percentage points over president obama, and with the clock ticking down until voters head to the polls, every minute, every second on the campaign trail could be critical. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. chris, hello from dallas. >> hi, megyn. meg and let's -- i'm still thinking about boca even though i've maneuvered over to -- moved over to dallas. [laughter] but these two candidates are eyes on the road. they are all about what's over the next two weeks and ground game. your thoughts on where we go in the wake of last night from here. >> well, here's the deal, even if the president can claim a victory inside the debate winning with some focus groups, not others, even if he can say that, he didn't achieve his objective, and the objective last night was to use the last remaining scheduled moment to reset an election that he's losing, that he's on his way to lose, that he missed his opportu
and governor romney and how this became a debate that some political analysts are now calling a must-win for the president. welcome to "america live" where we are today live from lynn university in boca raton, florida. the site of it all. i'm megyn kelly. in eight hours the president and the republican challenger go head to head on this stage to face off on foreign policy. that topic could not be any hotter right now with new fallout almost every day from the administration's changing response to the terror attack in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans a little more than a month ago. joining us now to explain what to watch for and why it matters, chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on along with marc thiessen, who's a washington post columnist and a former george w. bush speech writer. gentlemen, welcome to lynn university. here's the interesting thing i saw, stirewalt, in preparation for this debate. the president was 15 points up in the polls on foreign policy prior to debate number one in denver. now com
. taking a look at the front page of today's "des moines register." a split page showing governor romney on the right, president obama on the left. look at the different messaging there. the headline very specific. >> in the final weeks of this election, he is counting on you for getting that his policies are not going to work. he is hoping you won't remember and he will come down with a case of what we call "rom-nesia." [cheers] [applause] megyn: so what does this mean in the final days? chris stirewalt is host of "power play" and a fox news correspondent. what do you think? the headline on the "des moines register" says a lot. reporter: the president took a huge risk on running an intensely negative campaign as an incumbent gray that. that is generally not one incumbent presidents do. they made a decision over six or seven months as to what has been shorthanded as the kill romney strategy. it works to some good effect and then romney had the first debate. he was different than what had been prescribed in the ads and he started to rise. now you see the president with no choice but to in
, colorado. then onto tape an appearance on the "tonight show" with jay leno. governor romney also hitting up crucial swing states today. going into reno, nevada this afternoon. as the two candidates make speeches, look at how the governor has managed. mr. romney had a 36% likability rating in april. look at that today. 49.3%. now come, he is less than half a percentage point between himself and obama on that. stirewalt is a digital power and turn news editor. and also host a power play. what do you think of this, chris? reporter: not that. he has been called both a vampire and the other that you mentioned. just to be fair. he said that he is like a vampire that suck the blood out of a company. for mitt romney, the big thing was never going to be likability. it was going to be favorability. favorability means acceptable that people find you okay. he delivered a very good performance in the first unsteady performances in the second of every people said i am okay with mitt romney. megyn: the interesting thing is that we spend so much time discussing those advertisements. the bain capital stuff,
the lives of three americans. i'm sorry, poor americans. plus, a major speech from governor romney and forecasters sounding the alarm is a storm barrels towards the east coast. it is a busy afternoon. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly. going quickly to the radar. look at this. forecasters in washington saying we don't have many modern precedents for what the store models are suggesting. hurricane sandy, which has already lashed cuba and the bahamas is on a collision course with two other weather systems in the united states. we will have updated storm and transform information for human moments. we are also waiting to hear from governor romney and the critical that a ground state of iowa. take a look at games where we are expecting the governor to take the microphones now. what he calls his major economic address. we will keep it live as soon as the governor starts speaking. but first, this is an exclusive information about the terror attacks in libya. just coming in to fox news. after weeks of denying our ambassador and others, the attack was underway and helpless tonigh
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)